Monday, 21 May 2012

Tin Table @ 44 Standley JHB

I've been at 44 Standley before, but clearly i missed out on the best shop! Discovered Tin Table recently! Most beautiful vintage metal items! The owner of the shop Brian Green describe the pieces he sells as a mix of vintage and new classic industrial pieces, with everything made of metal.  It is a calm space with a soft feel for a room full of metal.   Items he stock - cupboards, tables, chairs, architectural pieces, decor, lamps, lights, antique keys, beetle cutters, door knobs, hooks, handles and latches.  All made by hand, with attention to detail.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Yesterday Clothing - Megan Collins

Yesterday Clothing

Looking back into the distant past we could actually say that Yesterday Once off Reinvented Garments, aka Yesterday Clothing, began in the forested hills of Hogsback, Eastern Cape where Megan grew up. Her friends’ mother taught her to sew at a very young age and since then she have always been altering clothes and making things out of scraps of material.  It is out of this love for taking something discarded and turning it into something to love, that Yesterday Clothing was officially born as a label.

Each Yesterday item starts off being an unwanted second hand item, whether it be a men’s shirt, a big old jersey or an over- the-top old Grannies dress, and then Megan convert it into something unique, wearable and fun. Among other things, some of the common things you might find on her rails would be fitted jersey skirts- a great way to stay warm in Winter and still look good, good ol` high waisted shorts, dresses out of all sorts of things, the Dangleree-a high waisted skirt with pockets and straps that go over the shoulders and is very versatile as it can be worn with Summer or Winter tops underneath.

Yesterday Clothing can be found at Tainted Love in Kalk Bay, main road, at Lilys` Boutique in Stellenbosch, Eikstaad Mall, and then at the You Me and Everyone We Know market at the Labia Theatre on Orange street during the Summer months, at the new Sunday Winter Vintage Market at 210 Long Street and various other markets throughout the year. (Check the facebook page year. (Check my facebook page,
or her for more updated markets and new shops.)