Wednesday, 11 April 2012

DIY DAY - Upcycling old fabrics

If you love fabric and want to get in touch with your creative side, here is a few quick & complicated things to make! Depending if you are up for a challenge or not!

I believe somewhere every lady has unused fabric - it can be left over fabric parts(sewing), old cloting piece you are not wearing or stained a one, maybe a table cloth, curtains or old unused cusions.  And if you don't have it t's what friends are for, or buy second hand clothing or fabric! If you approach one of this ideas yourself you will be complimented or liked by others! Future thought - maybe start your own small business! Great ideas for gifts!

Fabric stationary holders
Variety of fabrics


Wall decorations

Fabric armband with a bling detail

Fabric Bunting Banner

Flower broach 

Upcycled skirt

Adding detail to a shoe

                                               Lamp shade  fabric strips

Platted headband or armbands


Cute fabric broach or hear accessory

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