Wednesday, 28 March 2012

DIY DAY - Exciting Lamps

In the mood for a new form light with some special effects?  Or do you maybe have fused bulb or two?

Here is the solutions (a handy man might be needed)

Cup and Saucer lamp

Who would have thought of this?  Not only is this a lamp but a beautiful finishing touch of vintage Decor. Lamp with character! a Handy man would be needed for this one!
Doilley Lamp

Really not to difficult to make.  This lamp really creates a romantic atmosphere in a room by reflecting patterns against the wall. Here is the easy steps to do it yourself


 1. Blow a balloon                                                   2. Collect doilleys - find at a local market

3. Use wallpaper glue                 4. Hang balloon on a string and place doilleys on balloon - leave a day

 Fused bulbs

Use fused balbs as hanging vases.  In your garden, house or at a wedding (hanging from a structure).  Small vases that can be filled with drie flowers or field flowers. So dont throw away fused bulbs! Rather collect them!!!!

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  1. So happy to have found you on Twitter! Lovely blog :)
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